The Maes Family

"We guarantee 100% Belgian top quality"

We have learned from the family tradition that to be the best at something, you must specialise. Since 1926, we have been masters in the design and production of premium quality mattress tickings. Day after day, our enthusiasm and passion for the profession help us to work towards a quality that is 100% Belgian and that the entire family can be proud of. Our company creates beautiful and hard-wearing woven and knitted fabrics that contribute to the comfort of quality mattresses.

For four generations, our customers have been the top priority in every decision we have made. We believe that listening to them is important to arrive at tailor-made solutions that customers can fully agree to. This is why a long-term cooperation is essential to us.

The family character of Maes has long been a guarantee for a personal, yet professional approach. We know how important innovation, quality, creativity, durability and flexibility are to our customers, which is why all our family members give their very best day after day.

Jef Maes, Chairman

  1. Jef
  2. Thibaut
  3. Aurélie