As a company committed to sustainability, Maes Mattress Ticking recognizes the importance of minimising our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and promoting eco-friendly practices throughout our operations.

We believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility, but also an opportunity to create value for all our stakeholders. That’s why we started our own sustainability programme, which we called ‘Infinite’, because taking steps now allows us to safeguard the future.

Infinite consists of three important commitments: Infinite makes us united, reduces our operational impact, and guides us to a circular future.

We would like to invite you to read our Infinite folder by downloading it here.

The family nature of our company means that you can always count on a personal approach. So please contact us if you want to know more about Infinite or would like to discuss it in person.”

Aurélie Maes, Purchasing Manager

Infinite makes us united

At Maes Mattress Ticking we operate on the basis of family values. We aspire to create partnerships as strong as family ties, to build a better life for all our stakeholders.

For instance, we take the wellbeing of our employees very seriously. Consequently, the average tenure of our personnel is over 17 years.

Our suppliers play a big part in our operational success. We believe it is important that everyone across the supply chain is able to operate under good working conditions.

And above all, we attach great importance to our customers by ensuring the safety and quality of our products. If you want to read more about our sustainable intentions and accomplishments, please download our Infinite folder.

Infinite reduces our operational impact

We aim to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Both in the office and throughout our production chain, we are focused on sustainability.

We strategically host our production in Belgium and we are proud to work in accordance with the strictest environmental regulations. None of our waste is incinerated. Cardboard, plastic and textiles are all 100% recycled. And we continuously optimise our machinery to increase our efficiency and decrease our energy consumption. As a result, not only do we operate faster, but we also need less energy to manufacture each product.

At the end of 2023 we will map and report our carbon footprint (scopes 1 & 2) according to the IPCC standards. We will use this information to strive for climate-neutral operations.

If you want to know all about how we reduce our operational impact, please download our Infinite folder.

Infinite guides us to a circular future

Because resources are not infinite, we believe our products should be. That is why we want to be partners for a circular future. For us, the first step is getting to know and integrate as many natural resources as possible. Being a high-end manufacturer, we aim to explore yarns that are currently undervalued.

Maes Mattress Ticking chooses natural yarns above man-made yarns whenever possible. Natural yarns (e.g. viscose, cotton, Tencel, bamboo) are biodegradable and have excellent properties which are useful for mattress textiles, such as moisture-wicking properties, temperature control, antibacterial properties and breathability.

We prefer to explore sustainable fibres to create Belgian Damask with maximum comfort and minimal impact. If you would like to know more about how we strive for a circular future, please download our Infinite folder.